The library has a substantial collection of:

  • more than 20, 000 printed items
  • contemporary fiction
  • periodicals
  • reference books
  • non-fiction titles

In addition, the library boasts:

  • dozens of iMac desktops
  • state-of-the-art printer and photocopier
  • substantial space for multiple classes to work simultaneously

The library is open from:

  • 8:00–8:30am every morning
  • recess and lunchtime (except Thursday)
  • after school Monday–Wednesday (till 3:30pm)
Digital Library
St Marys Cathedral Catholic students reading a book

The Cardinal Freeman Resource Centre offers students a variety of facilities they can use to improve their learning at school, as well as providing a place where students can relax in something approaching quiet.

Our library provides a social space to meet, collaborate, research, learn, share, and relax. The staff work to develop a reading culture and raise the levels of information literacy across the school by leading students through processes which empower them to be critical thinkers, enthusiastic readers and skillful, efficient and discerning researchers.

The Oliver library management system, together with the ACEN digital library provide 24/7 access to a wealth of authentic, authoritative, age appropriate resources to specifically meet student and staff needs.