In keeping with our uniqueness, St Mary’s Cathedral College boasts modern and welcoming facilities beyond the norm, including access to the Domain, Art Gallery and St Mary’s Cathedral. These facilities enable our students to engage in both collaborative and independent learning, building on the skill sets they need for the future.

St Marys Cathedral Catholic College Sydney students with their mac books

Learning Hub

Our Learning Hub (library) is a technology-rich learning environment with both physical and virtual components that provide formal and informal opportunities for students to collaborate.

St Marys Cathedral College Sydney Music Centre

Music Centre

At the heart of our college is our success in music. Our college showcases its musical achievements throughout the year. June is a calendar highlight, with all students involved in our musical evening.

It all starts here – at our Music Centre.

St Marys Cathedral College Sydney Cathedral Facilities The Domain

The Domain

We are encouraged as young men to have positive and healthy relationships with all in the community. Access to the Domain provides opportunities to experience a range of diverse programs in the sporting and cultural fields.