St Marys Cathedral Catholic College Sydney students reading musical compositionMusic Ensembles 

Playing an instrument in an ensemble opens up a whole new world of experience, friendship and fun. Your son will have the opportunity to be part of the cultural and performing life of the college.

Our music students are organised into groups of similar playing ability, so placement in ensembles is done solely on merit, not on year level. Playing ability, experience, attendance, punctuality and behaviour are taken into consideration when deciding the appropriate group for a student. Students will need to audition for the relevant ensemble director, who will set the audition requirements.

The success of the ensembles depends on the dedication of each student. This means a commitment to remain in the ensemble for an entire school year, attending all rehearsals, tutorials and performances, being fully equipped at all times, and regular home practice. Please ensure to discuss the importance of these issues with your son.


Admittance to an ensemble requires a full year commitment. Students are expected to arrive at rehearsals 10 minutes early to allow for instrument set up. Students should be seated and ready to play at the announced commencement time. Attendance at rehearsals is compulsory for all students enrolled.


Parents should contact Ensemble Conductors regarding their son’s absence.

Attendance at all scheduled performances (concerts, festivals, etc.) and camps are compulsory. With respect to performances, in the event of sudden illness, parents are asked to contact the student’s Ensemble Conductor.

Chamber Groups

Chamber groups are a private arrangement between the tutor, parents and students.


$60 per term (except for Chamber Groups, see above).


Ms Mirella Di Giorgio
Leader of Learning: Music