Edward Parsons joins a growing list of St Mary’s Cathedral College Sydney year 12 graduates whose depth of creativity and artistic skill has garnered a place in the prestigious HSC visual arts showcase, ARTEXPRESS.

Edward is the fourth St Mary’s Cathedral College student in three years to have work selected for inclusion in ARTEXPRESS

His HSC Visual Arts major work, The Commute, is on display at The Art Gallery of NSW until Monday 25 April.

The work features a monster clay sculpture titled Bob, who has become something of a celebrity in his own right, even featuring on 7 News.

Bob highlights the personal and humorous aspects of the otherwise mundane experience of using public transport.

“I thoroughly enjoyed dressing Bob to be, in my eyes, the most fashionable man for his age,” Edward said, tongue firmly planted in cheek.


“Despite the obvious amount of work I had on my plate, I knew I’d find the [sculpting] process as fulfilling as the end product,” Edward said.

“I really owe everything to my teacher and fellow pupils who helped to progress my artwork’s identity.”

Edward said he believes art “is more exciting when audiences do not know what they’re looking at.”

“I like art to be an escape, an unexpected avenue for me to explore and express” – Edward Parsons

“I want audiences to be amazed and shocked to come to their own conclusions, and to not have to consider politics, social issues, or other depressing matters that our world unfortunately contains,” Edward said.

He counts among his influencers Australian realist painter John Brack and St Mary’s Cathedral College alumnus, Martino Kanasugi.

Edward’s visual arts teacher Emily Pacak said he was a naturally gifted student whose clear vision for his work was a factor in its success.

“Throughout the [creation] process Edward was methodicial in actioning decisions, flexible, took initiative when troubleshooting, and was open to constructive criticism,” she said.

“The nuanced humour and unusual subject matter, in addition to overall technical refinement, made it an obvious choice for a recommended work.”


Edward Parsons  joins the following student artists from St Mary’s Cathedral College whose work has featured in ARTEXPRESS. Many more have been nominated for the respected showcase.

  • 2020 HSC Year – Nicholas Kapruziak and Daryl Chan
  • 2019 HSC Year – Ryan Cussen
  • 2015 HSC Year – Stephen Green
  • 2014 HSC Year – Tully Palmer
  • 2011 HSC Year –  Jarren Christiansen
  • 2009 HSC Year – William Marshall
  • 2007 HSC Year – Patrick Cremin
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